billy ocallaghan

improper printing

birds of america 2010 supplementbirds_supp1.html
birds of america redactedbirds_redact1.html
the gods sure are queer vol.1queer_gods_1.html

perv (local, organic) pt.1

this study may be not safe for workperv_lo_1.html
this project has its own website - (

staring at our Sun (twister) cascading accordion

cmyk offset edition of 1069 lucky.html
stupid hair: 28 page cmyk offset pocket edition with
hair line: 7 page studio mate in an edition of 769stupid_hair.htmlhairline.htmlhair.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1
inverted rainbow (hue variations) cascading accordionaccordions_2.html
staring at our Sun (transit of Mercury) cascading accordiontransit_of_Mercury.html
a million miles (EPIC 2016 photobomb & twirl) cascading accordiona_million_miles.html
Andromeda Galaxy (nwstnd subedition) 
(cascading accordion)Andromeda_2.html
a million miles (EPIC 2015 photobomb) 
cascading accordiona_million_miles.html
staring at our Sun (transit of Mercury) 
(NASA Mercury subedition) cascading accordiontransit_of_Mercury.htmltransit_of_Mercury.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0

collection of Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), Yale University (Center for British Arts), University of Virginia, and Queens College (NY)

collection of Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)

collection of Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)

& New York Public Library

northern california artist/publisher of cascading accordions and zines by billy ocallaghan and friends.

new works

  1. (1)tbt/horizons, collaborative project with nif hodgson/subtext press (our third collaborative work);*

  2. (2)tbt, collaborative work with Mohsin Shafi;*

(3) staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby cascading accordion);

  1. (4)lucky (open edition cascading accordion); &

  2. (5)local, organic +- (cmyk offset edition of 1069)

*nif and Mohsin are visiting my studio (separately) this summer for collaborative projects tbd

wip cascading accordionlucky_cascade.html
staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) 
wip cascading accordiontransit_of_Venus_flyby.html

improper printing will release the above five referenced works at the next art book fair we participate in (hopefully TABF :).

Meeting Jackie by Craig Koozer
(improper printing studio edition)meeting_Jackie.html

we will also have stock of the seven additional works that improper printing released in 2017 (at the 2017 L.A. Art Book Fair)

we will also have available a selection of earlier works (including works in public collections)

rainbow hue variation cmyk pocket edition of 1069
(collected by MoMA Library & New York Public Library)rainbow_pocket.html
NO * ON (24) studio edition 75 (2017 subedition of my first zine)no_24_zine.html

collected by RISD & UTSA

collected by Cal Poly SLO

collected by UTSA